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November Monthly Event - Lunch

November 12, 2019
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
100 Sandoval Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Eric Sirotkin

Lawyer • Mediator • Educator

Eric Sirotkin has been involved in major social and political movements across the planet and in employment litigation for nearly 40 years in New Mexico wherein he has represented whistleblowers, employees claiming discrimination or retaliation and management and employees at all levels contesting their discharges. In 1982 he wrote the seminal Law Review article Defending Abusively Discharged Employees: In Search of a Judicial Solution which was cited the next year by the Court of Appeals in supporting recognition of an action for Wrongful Discharge. Since that time he has not only deposed and relied on testimony from Human Resources personnel, but has trained thousands of Human Resources Professionals on Why Employees Sue: Dispelling the Myths and finding creative ways to deal with a changing workforce. Learn how while  New Mexico is an Employment at Will state, it has the best employment law in the United States, and how HR professionals play a key role in managing conflict in the workplace and avoiding litigation. 

  • New Mexico Employment and civil rights lawyer since 1981.
  • Author of  Surviving and Thriving at Work: What Every Employee Needs to Know But is Afraid to Askand the 1994 Treatise Labor and Employment in New Mexico.
  • Former professor of Employment and Labor Law at the University of New Mexico School of Law                           

Sirotkin approaches healing individual and societal wounds resulting from conflict by breaking down the destructive and ineffective “us vs them” attitudes of the legal and political system. He not only is an active employment trial counsel and mediator of employment disputes, but speaks nationally and internationally to colleges, bar associations, conventions, and community gatherings. Sirotkin's memoir Witness a Lawyers Journey from Litigation to Liberation was released in 2017 from White Cloud Press and he is a regular international TV commentator on issues around conflict resolution and peacebuilding. In the 1990s he worked in South Africa with the changeover from Apartheid, including work with Archbishop Desmond Tutu during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, being an international election observer when Nelson Mandela was elected, and performing work on the South African Constitution with the African National Congress. Since 2003 he has travelled several times to both North and South Korea,  held numerous meetings with the State Department and Foreign Relations Committee, and testified in Congressional briefings, on creative ways to resolve the conflict in Korea. 

His presentation  will provide techniques of active listening to assist HR professionals in their work with employees, address the ethical quandary that HR professionals face in a world of litigation and oversight, while meeting obligations under criminal and civil statutes and the ME Too Movement. How to switch dissent into productive energy. 


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$31.17 Non-Members & Walk-ins

$15.00 SHRM Student Members (Full-time students)